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maple burl coffee table slab

Type: project wood

product number A064

This is your opportunity to have a centerpiece of your living room and have a conversation starter at the same time.

This is our one of a kind maple burl coffee table slab that has features that are just unbelievably unique it is 62 x 28 x 2 5/8 this piece still has the bark on it to give you the option to keep it or not.

This table is ready for absolutely anything you have in mind it has been belt sanded to 80 grit and hand sanded to 120 grit, essentially it has been roughed out and ready for you to take it where you want to with a running start

NOTE: wood is sprayed with a isopropyl alcohol to give it the look of being finished but dries of almost immediately with no residue left shortly after

If you have any questions at all or need more pictures or measurements just contact us through our contact page at the top of the website