happy spring everybody!!! get ready for spring sales on the wood that you need

Hey! we are back from our family vacation and ready to get back to business as usual so keep your eyes open for new posts and deals because we will be up and at em' gettin wood to all of our loving customers. thank you everybody
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our carve-tops are typically a book match pair of 1.1 inch thick boards, That we have processed to best fit our standard Stratocaster template


our lam-tops are typically finished to 0.25 of a inch, this allows you to buy a very figured piece of wood for less money and you laminate it on top of a lesser value piece

Artist grade guitar tops

our artist grade material is a mixture of lam-tops and carve-tops. this is where you will find some pieces that are insanely figured or have very unique features

specialty stock

our specialty stock is filled with unique pieces you wont find in any of our other categories you can find wall mount backboards, burl pieces, quilt block caps and much much more

live edge everything

we have a lot of live edge material to choose from, come take a look at our vast inventory of coffee tables tops, dining room table tops, shelf boards and much more

craft wood

Are you looking for some wood but nothing in-particular? we have 2 categories when it comes to our craft wood we have $10 boards and $20 boards and it all depends on the figured content in the board

stabilized material

our stabilized material has been run through a whole stabilization process with a vacuum chamber filled with resin that sucks into the air gaps in the wood to make it more durable, water resistant and overall just easier to work with.

one of a kind masterpieces

(coming soon)

One of a kind is a understatement these pieces won't be at any ol' farmers market. These are one off pieces that you can honestly say no one else can get their hands on!

Wholesale Savings!!!

(coming soon)

Are you a busy bee that needs large quantities of guitar tops, knife scales or anything that you might need 10 or more of for your business. check out the savings we offer when you buy large quantities. The more you buy the more you will save.

finished products

(coming soon)

we aren't just wood manufacturers here at B4specialtywood we also pride ourself on being experienced craftsman and we like to do woodworking projects to show off our wood

The Gallery

This is where our wonderful customers can show off there beautiful pieces of art and there companies that they you can buy there products from


looking for some big time savings?

This is our products that aren't moving like we want them too and so we are taking the hit so you can save some money

(coming soon)