happy spring everybody!!! get ready for spring sales on the wood that you need

quilted figured maple acoustic guitar back and side set

Type: project wood

 product number A150

high grade quilt figured maple

product dimensions - back pieces 23 x 18.5 x .25, sides set 35 x 5 1/8 x .25 

NOTE: product dimensions are based on the entire book match pair not just one piece 

NOTE: although the side sets are measured by individual pieces 

all of our lam-tops finish at 0.25 inch for glueing on the face of a low quality wood to make it look high quality 

unlike our other guitars this top was templated with a Gibson L5 to prove that it has all the room you would need to make any acoustic guitar you would like to build, lines are drawn with a standard lead pencil so it will easily sand off 

if you have any questions go to the contact page at the top of our site with the product number and your questions so we can give you our best answer 

Defect status: stain in template

NOTE: wood is sprayed with a isopropyl alcohol to give it the look of being finished but dries of almost immediately with no residue left over