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quilted figured maple headstock

Type: project wood

 product number A157

quilted figured maple

product dimensions - 16.25 x 6.5 x .25

our headstock plates are purely decorative so they still are at 0.25 in and will need the rest of the neck to have a surface to glue them too 

we use a standard Stratocaster headstock template for our outlines because thats what we template all our standard guitar tops in, and the templates are drawn with a standard lead pencil for easily sanding it off.

if you have any questions go to the contact page at the top of the site with the product number and your questions so we can give you our best answer 

Defect status: clear of defect

NOTE: wood is sprayed with a isopropyl alcohol to give it the look of being finished but dries of almost immediately with no residue left over